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My Ocean

The water has called to me since birth.
It’s depths an intriguing unknown, often filled with mystery and a layer of fear or doubt.
Still the darkness draws me to explore with languid strokes.

It’s shallows a playground, filled with laughter and life. I could linger there for hours watching and listening. Feeling it’s sweet embrace and never tire or not wish to return the moment we part.

Always it has caused me to ponder life’s meaning along with its many joys. Of what has passed, what already is and what may come.

The water leaves no room for lies whether to it or yourself. It draws out the secrets you hold even if in whispers and the wishes you thought may never come true.

The water gives clarity even during times of uneasiness. Draws you away from your past into the present, towards your future.

It is one of my greatest pleasures and dearest loves. Always I will return to the water for its promise of truth, peace and joys.

And so I will with you. For you are much like the water filled with unexplored hidden depths and joys. Waiting to be discovered. You are known and yet unknown, you see me as clearly as the ocean. Filled with mystery and light.

Let me swim in your depths and explore your shallows while showing you my own. So two oceans once separated can find their way again.


Creative writer and amateur photographer.

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