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Set Me Free, Or Love Me True

Their silence kills what remains. 

Their silence tells me all I need to know, even as they deny the truth. They are no longer sure and now their doubt causes mine. 


All hearts are laden with baggage of the past, some pieces are to fresh and too heavy for hearts to overcome. They are to wrapped in bitterness and rage and will punish any that come after until they learn. 


Learn that they have to lay down what they knew and thaw their heart, open it not just in thought to what could be. Separate it from the past and from the pain they have suffered. 


Learn not to use another human as a stepping stone or temporary distraction for your rage. In that you do them a disservice and add to their baggage by telling them they are not worth anything more than what they can give to you when you call for them. 


Their silence kills what remains, like a set of strings pulled to tight, on the brink of breaking. Pulled and pulled while your heart pounds faster until it’s breaking over you. 


Waiting for the knife to drop that will wreck it all. A dull blade, already covered in your blood and tears from the attempts it’s made. The strings around your heart, once chains of steel. Now frayed and damaged. Past repair. 


This time, this time you give them the knife they need to end it. No more dull swipes of the hand causing jagged cuts. Cuts your salty tears fill up each night so you look whole in the morning light. 


No, this time you tell them to cut you deep and let you go. Or stop making you bleed with their selfish attempts to love you. There is too much fire in you to calmly accept a mediocre love. If I burn for them. They should not make me into ashes swept under the rug. 


Creative writer and amateur photographer.

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