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From Garden to Sea

Seek me in the garden, let your fingers brush against my soul as if you’d found the rarest of blooms and were intoxicated. Let my petals stretch towards your touch.

Careful of my thorns, they may prick you without meaning too. Born of pain and anger they are ravaged by time.

Pluck me from my daily life and take me on an adventure only you can give, our laughter blending together in joy and our tears in sadness.

Plant my roots deep. Ground me in the earth, so secure in my foundation you could seek shelter from all of life’s storms in my covetous branches. My vines wrapping tightly around your aches and pains.

Walk through my leaves and see the memories of my past fade into the dreams of the future. Scatter yours throughout so that they combine to create a forest of beauty. From black as night to white as snow.

Walk on the path of the present with me, learn my curves and dips as I study yours. Over my brooks and streams, below any attempt at shallow depths until we reach the cliff at the sea. Take a jump with me and fly into the endless depth of life together.


Creative writer and amateur photographer.

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