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Garden of Thought

Chaos controls the heart,
But order guides the mind.
The heart embraces what it feels,
The mind rejects what it doesn’t understand.
The heart is only as free as the mind allows,
But your mind is only as open as your heart can take.
The two are infinitely intertwined. One cannot function at its best without the other.
And so it is for me with you even when you are not near.
Everything is clear when I am in your presence. When you take a walk across the garden in my mind. Your feet forging a new path made just for you.
When you brush your callused fingers against my petals, stirring my thoughts and passions. Plucking the weeds left cluttered by the world and the past.
Planting new seeds in their place, so that you may continue to hoard the flowers you love best and watching over those that struggle to grow.
Even when you are far away. I can feel the phantom brush of fingers. Your head as it laid in the grass. You stared up at the thoughts and ideas that created a vivid sky unlike any other.
I could hear your voice wandering over it all. So I tentatively plucked a few of my flowers that I’d planted just for you. Gathering some seeds. And I took a walk across the bridge.
I brushed my fingers over the stone and knocked on the door to your garden and asked if I may come in. To share a few flowers that I’d made just for you…


Creative writer and amateur photographer.

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