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Isn’t Real…Part 1

Eyes that bleed silver trails,
Down cheeks flushed high in thought.
Or pale in misery.

Mouth open in a silent scream,
The agony to great to give voice to.
Except when in your head.

Ears ringing like a jackhammer,
But all sound is at once loud and aggressive.
Yet muffled and distant.

Body shaking softly and you can’t decide,
To be still or try and rock the pain away.

Skin feels tight as if stretched thin,
The smallest touch making you jump.
Ready to fight or flee.

The organs inside you appear to have lost all function. Do your lungs still hold air? Is your heart still beating?

Seconds, minutes, hours.
Maybe even days may have passed.
It has no meaning in this state.

Until your mind realizes it is no longer in danger as it thought and gives way to your heart and body again.

This, this is why they cannot know…


Creative writer and amateur photographer.

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