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Tears of the Lost

Their tears filled the earth beneath their knees. Tears shed for so many reasons they’d all but lost track.

Tears of loss, of unrequited love, of pain and suffering, of fear, the anxiety and inability to breathe that came with them all.

They were all but numb from it. They’d cried so many tears in their life, there couldn’t possibly be any left…Not even when tears were needed. When they ached so much it was a physical pain and the tears wouldn’t come.

It was almost as if they had become accustomed to it, until they broke again. The smallest thing would shatter them then. When they longed to feel the numbness again to block out the pain.

But still they watered the earth with their tears. This did not go unnoticed. In response they were given rainbows after the dark storms. Flowers blooming in spring after the most barren of winters. Dewdrops resting on petals that had survived if a little worse for wear.

The earth had a balance to it. There is always darkness and pain. But even the tears and suffering can give birth to new life when least expected. If one remembers to face the darkness for what it is and what it isn’t….


Creative writer and amateur photographer.

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