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Lovers in Time

It’s the way your lover looks,
A twinkle in the eye,
A slight smirk on their mouth.
Their head tilts to one side as they stare.

It brings a flush of pleasure to you.
You know that look means they want you.
They preen and flirt with you then,
Teasing with what may come.

It can be gentle and filled with passion.
This game you play together.
A brush of their hand against your hair.
A stroke of yours across their face.

There’s no hurry or rush in it.
Only certainty because this person is yours.
So it builds throughout time and space.
This need and love you share.

Until such a time when you meet again.
Until the brightness they bring you overflows your body at the mere sight of them. Your joy knowing no bounds in that moment.

Until your arms are wrapped tight around the other. Until they press a kiss to your mouth and your world is set right. You take their presence in for as long as you can.

Lamenting the time when you will part again.
Until it is time for you to remain together.
Until a time when the distance no longer burdens you and your joy is never ending.


Creative writer and amateur photographer.

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