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Caged from Within

I am trapped in a cage.

I can see my freedom,

I am free…aren’t I?



Why can’t I leave?

Why is the way blocked?

It’s as if a thin veil of steel,

Hinders my escape.


I can see the sun in the morning,

Feel its warmth upon me.

At night the moon burns bright,

And it soothes me…


And again I feel free,

But when I wake and I reach for suns warmth,

Again the veil is back,

No longer masked by the moons infinite beauty.


This time I fight,

I beat against the veil,

That appears as if it is air.

I rage against it!

But it is entrenched as if it blocks,

Blocks my very soul…from the freedom it craves.


I feel raw,

So exposed,

Vulnerable, as if I have been ripped open.

It fills me with terror.

Why must it always be this way?

Why must I bleed for my freedom?

Why, why must I reveal the most intimate parts of myself,

To escape this hell that pretends to be free.


I am broken,

I collapse to the ground, exhausted,

Exhausted, beyond any words that are known to me.

And then I feel it begin…

A cleansing fire burns throughout,

It is agony, as if all of my demons are there at once!

And at once, gone.

Laid to rest,



Years may have passed…


But when it is over,

I lift my head,

The warmth of the sun reaches out,

And it dries the tears on my face…

And that is when I know,

That the demons of my past,

The fear and pain they bred into my essence,

Are gone, and I am once again…

Free, allowed to fly from my cage,

Because I alone hold the key.



Creative writer and amateur photographer.

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